Meet the Founder

Ryan Stallard

Life Story

Ryan Stallard worked as a code monkey from 9 to 5 every day.  After two and a half years, he had had enough and quit.  He chose to realize his dream of seeing the world and left the U.S.  Arriving in Colombia, he earned his CELTA certification and taught test prep for a while.  Eventually, he realized that his software development and teaching experiences combined with his natural abilities in English uniquely suited him to offer quality services to others. Thus, Knowledge Through Travel was born.


Ryan has lived in Israel and Colombia, as well as visited China, Jordan, and Ecuador.  His varied interests include Computers, Software, Languages, and Math, allowing him to write with enthusiasm on many topics.  He is currently learning Español, 汉语, and 한국어.  One of his goals in life is to be a modern-day Renaissance person.